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America's Top Retailer for Fitness Equipment!

MZ-Switch Charger

MZ-Switch Charger


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Keeps you charged and ready to go. The MZ-Switch charger is built to charge through your USB computer port only. One full charge keeps you going for up to six months. 


  • Connect the USB charging cable to the back of your MZ-Switch and charge for up to 45 minutes.
  • To protect your battery we don’t recommend using a 9 volt charger - plug it into the USB port in your computer instead.
  • A full charge lasts up to 6 months - depending on how hard you go.
  • Battery charging lights: Pulsing red = no battery. Pulsing green = fully charged.
  • You’ll get a handy notification when you have less than 20% battery.
  • You can also check the battery level in the Workout screen whenever you like.